…put away the speedo!!

Okay…so today I’m in Lithuania and this is definately not the same weather as the Mediterranean! The speedo weather is gone so there’s no more tanning on the top deck of the ship for a while! I’ll have to wait till July maybe for that!
Not much else is new. There’s still a G.I. Virus on our ship that’s making everyone sick. All the staff have to clean parts of the ship now…everything from the slot-machine handles to each & every book in the library. When I auditioned for this job I don’t think they asked me if I had good cleaning skills!
I’ve added some of the pictures from Amsterdam from the other day.
Thank-you to EVERYone who has sent me emails at: dadarren@yahoo.ca It’s been so good to keep in touch & see how you’re doing! Keep ’em coming!
Miss you,
The one crazy looking building that looks like it’s from Harry Potter is actually a movie theatre in Amsterdam. The inside is totally gorgeous!
The Rembrandt poster-picture is of the Rembrandt museum and right next door to the right with the green shutters is the house where Rembrandt used to live.
The picture of the tall house is the Anne Frank house where the Frank’s lived in hiding during the German invasaion of WWII and where Anne wrote her famous diary.
And the pic of the boy in the sun-glasses is me on a bridge just outside the Anne Frank house.

3 responses to “…put away the speedo!!

  1. hi!!!!
    have you been in italy???
    i\’m italian!!!!
    take my e mail adress…it\’s robyca7@hotmail.it

  2. Un bacio dall\’Italia!

  3. HI!PRETTY city。i like!nice to meet too。

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