Northern Europe! FINALLY!

Okay, so I know this is lame but I’m sitting in Oslo, Norway in TGI FRIDAY’s eating North American food and using their wireless signal to update my little page here!
So the Mediterranean is far behind us now. I’m heading to Northern Europe: Sweden, Russia, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Holland, Iceland, and Finland. Yes……..RUSSIA! I can’t friggin’ wait to get to St.Petersburg. We even have an overnight there: so I’m there for two full days and a night so I can hit up the ballet and clubs and stuff.
France was great. I got to visit Paris and see all the major sights there. Monet’s country house & gardens was a huge highlight. And I visited Rouen, the city where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake. Very amazing.
The other day I was in Amsterdam. I got to visit the Anne Frank house which was a crazy, surreal experience. They guard her actual diary like a rare jewel in a glass case & watched by cameras all around. It was pretty odd walking through those rooms behind the bookcase.
The ship is fine…sea days SUCK! I’m the Bingo! King onboard and end up doing all the Bingo! sessions. Then we’ll have rehearsals and two shows at night….so it’s tiring!
OH! AND GET THIS!!! Our ship has the G.I. Virus! My last ship had this too. It’s some stomach bug that travels like wildfire around the ship and has everyone shooting their stomach contents out of any hole available: yea, it’s pretty. I’ve avoided it so far, but two of our cast members have had the G.I. diet, as we call it! The fastest way to lose weight on the Marco Polo.
….BUT that meant that last night after doing 2 shows the cast had to go into the library onboard and clean every single friggin’ book with disinfectant. w-o-w!
Oh well. Hopefully everyone will be healthy soon! I’ll write when I can, hopefully after Russia so I can send some pics from there!

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