In The Mediterranean

Okay, so I know I’ve sucked at keeping this little space updated! But I found out that the ship I’m on doesn’t have wireless internet yet……SO I have to wait to steal some wireless internet signal when I’m in port to update this! Like what I’m doing RIGHT now in Toulon, France!
So here I am at the end of my Mediterranean run with the Marco Polo. We’ve all had our ups & downs but overall things are going great. the ship has turned out to be much like the NCL Crown that I was on about 2 years ago…so anyone who’s done that diddy knows what I’m in for here! BUT: The itinerary is a total dream that seems to make it all worthwhile in the end!
We’ve been all over: France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia. Each and every country has had something that has totally blown me away.
I’ve just thrown in a bunch of pictures here that I’ve taken during the Mediterranean run. We head to Scandanavia, the Baltics, and Russia soon: so to all my Russian friends: wanna meet me in St. Petersburg?!?!?
There have been some amazing hightlights lately, but I haven’t put the pictures on my computer yet. So look for those later the next time I steal some wireless time!
The pics:
The pic of a tomb with flowers belongs to Princess Grace of Monaco. I went to her Palace in Monaco. That’s where that central garden pic was taken along with the picture of me stealing a wireless internet signal at the Monaco Train station!
The crazy sunset picture was taken as we sailed away from Cannes, France.
The picture of me & that leaning building is none other than the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy. It was so crazy to see that!
The picture of me infront of what LOOKS LIKE a gumball machine is actually a panty maching in Malaga, Spain! For 1euro we got a pair of panties in a plastic bubble!
The pigeon staredown is at St.Marc’s square in Venice. Seconds earlier I was covered head to toe with pigeons looking to eat seeds from my hand, but this dude just stayed around for another minute looking at me! That look is like: what the hell? I didn’t get ONE friggin’ seed…..gimme one, buddy!”
The picture of me in Split, Croatia was a little nuts! We were literally doing some wicked euro-shopping right next to the most beautiful ruins of an ancient building….hence the shopping bag and wicked backdrop!

One response to “In The Mediterranean

  1. You are crazy, i love the pic of the flying rat on your shoulder!  Miss you tonnes Darren.  Hope your having a great time (it looks like you are!).  

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