I leave in another day to fly to Jamaica where I’ll get onboard the Marco Polo cruise ship. Then we’ll sail a few days to the Cape Verde islands. Then we’ll sail a bit longer to Spain, France, Greece, and beyond! Before that I’m sure I’ll be curled up infront of the power-vac toilet on the ship throwing up my guts from sea-sickness.
Other than my claustrophobic attacks, it’s definately the worst feeling I’ve ever experienced! So it’s great that I manage to get both these things when I’m on a friggin’ ship!!!
I was in Miami for about 5 weeks and I managed to see about .05% of the city! I had one amazing night out and other than that it was pretty much some intense work for these shows!
Updates will come few & far between when I’m on the ship, so YOU’D BETTER EMAIL ME!!! dadarren@yahoo.ca You can write as much and as often as your little fingers will let you!

One response to “GONE SAILING!!!

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