Sleep? …. PLEASE?!?!

I am so friggin’ tired it’s not even funny! We just finished full-show #2 out of 4 for the Marco Polo ship and things have been insane this week! But I’m still managing (with some difficulty!) to stay sprite and cheery! *honestly: who the hell says “sprite” these days?!?!?!
On most ships the singers stand-&-sing with a little movement thrown in here & there….ya know: a step touch here. A box-step there.
But welcome to the MarcoPolo where the singers are singin’ 4-part friggin’ harmonies on almost every song from THRILLER to My Heart Will Go On! And just to mix it up they have us doing full choreography while we’re singing. Yeah………no comment!
Don’t get me wrong: I luvs to dance my butt off! Gimme jumps, pirouettes, turns, and hip thrusts! Just don’t make me sing 4-part harmony while doing it!
But this cast continues to make me laugh! I just luv them so far. Tres and I were up well past 11pm last night scraping our brains to figure out our harmonies on this bitch of a song called “Hit Me With A Hot Note.” He’s so genuine and gentle and downright cute! So of course: he’s also straight & married!
And then there’s Heather: the girl who’s eyebrows rubbed off on the seat infront of her in the van! When we hit the brakes hard her face went into the back of the seat! She turned to me and said: “Did My Eyebrows Rub Off”? And there they were! Her eyebrows painted perfectly on the back of the seat! And I laughed my ass off for the rest of the day! This gal makes me roll over laughing!
Sara & Vickie View (I know, I LUV that name!) are SO nice to be around. And there’s my straight Romanian room-mate with the accent….nuff said!
But above it all I always find time to get a little sun!! I mean honestly: it IS Miami!!!

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