Miami Madness!

So I left behind a windy & cold Toronto and I’m now in the middle of a sunny & warm Miami! Rehearsals so far for the cruise ship have been insane. In 5 days we put together an entire first show: lyrics, vocals, choreography: the works! My head is still spinning a bit! Now we’ve got 3 more major shows to stage and then 3-5 mini shows. Yes, I’ll be ready to shoot myself soon!
There are FOUR cruise ship casts staying at the hotel I’m at. And yes: that equals just a touch of craziness! There are dancers & singers struttin’ around the hotel at all hours. And we all take turns in the evening using the outdoor basketball court to rehearse our shows. The other people at a hotel get a kick out of it….plus a free show ’cause they like to watch!
Today was our first day off. We slept. Tanned. And then shopped…….gawd damn does Miami ever had some good shopping! Bath&Bodyworks was a must and I got the cutest underwear from Columbia that I can’t wait to wear! (pics to follow!!!).
If you’re reading this and haven’t emailed lately: EMAIL ME! I’d love to hear from you!

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