I’ll be Swingin’ With Canadian Idols

Okay: so tea drinking is all the rage these days in England. But this is gonna blow that out of the water! There are these things called PANTO-MIMES (say it with me) that are sweeping the British people off their feet! And Ross Petty (http://www.rosspetty.com) brings a brilliant panto to the gorgeous Elgin Theatre in Toronto each year. This year?
SNOW WHITE & the Group Of Seven starring Sean Cullen, Alan Frew from Glass Tiger (http://www.glasstiger.ca), and Canadian Idols Elena Juatco, Ryan Malcolm, Gary Beals, and Billy Klippert.
So I’m a swing for the Group of Seven….which means that I get to learn all 7 roles for the group & then be on call to go on stage at the drop of a hat should any of the group be sick, hit by a car, mamed by a walrus, or taken hostage by small elves or midgets or munchkins or whatever the hell those things are over at the Princess of Whales Theatre!
So that’s my story until January 2006 & I couldn’t be happier!

One response to “I’ll be Swingin’ With Canadian Idols

  1. May the Oompaloompa\’s haunt your christmas dreams kiddies!!! RAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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